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Anxiety Results From Not Claiming Your Intuitive Gifts

By Cindy Morrisintuition

In these amazing times of TRANSFORMATION and epic-proportion SHIFT I want to encourage you, from the bottom of my heart and the far reaches of my Pleiadean brain, to do your GROUNDING and clear your psychic space of emotional debris.Emotional debris looks like grief, sadness, lack of forgiveness, lack of self-love, lack of self-care, blaming, and any other emotions you are holding on to that weigh you down (while doing nothing to the people you are holding these emotions against, including yourself). It is imperative that you do your own personal healing work right now.

As the energies are moving so quickly and the doorways to your expanded consciousness are opening, your own inner healing – and release of any emotional baggage you have been shlepping around with you (for perhaps eons) is now to be deposited at the curb for pick up by our guides and angels to return back to SOURCE, where all will be transmuted back into LIGHT and LOVE.

Any inner work is facilitated by GROUNDING yourself and then CLEARING your chakras, your energy flow, to allow healing LIGHT and LOVE to transmute all negativity.

How to do this? Start your grounding and meditation practice today!

As you clear yourself of your crap, tuning in to your personal inner guidance system (which will NEVER steer you wrong) clearing your inner space daily, learning to develop and use your intuition, you will FEEL BETTER – grounded, confident, open, eager, loving, and FREE. It worked for me and so I am encouraging you to let your own internal GPS  work for you.

If you are fussing and fretting, worrying and over-controlling (a favorite tactic of mine) you are creating anxiety for yourself and not living in your full empowerment. John and I were chatting yesterday about how we have noticed that the people we know who are MOST anxious also have tremendous psychic gifts and either don’t know how to properly use these gifts or are afraid to.

Anxiety and stress relief does not come from a pill, it comes from you claiming your birthright to know what is good and right for you in any circumstances, under any conditions – reclaiming your INTUITIVE gifts. This New Moon Solar Eclipse has brought ALL of this right up to the surface of your psyches – to be released. Help yourself right now!  No one is going to do it for you. You HAVE to do it for yourself. The rewards are worth the effort (Saturn in Scorpio). You get YOURSELF back to you, just where you belong. Reclaim Your Intuition.

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