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All Things Being Equinox: I’ll Take Ascension

By Cindy MorrisEquinox-astrology

Such an exciting time to be on the planet, that’s for sure.

As we approach the Autumn Equinox we are dancing with the second of 7 Pluto-Uranus squares and things are heating up around here!

The thing you need to remember when we talk astrology is that planetary movements are affecting each of us personally and all of us globally. It’s most important to focus on your own process right now, directing your energy towards you own needs during this potent time of transition and cosmic morphing. No, that’s not being selfish, it’s tending to exactly what you need to tend to.

Think of yourself taking a plane ride. When you get on that plane there are some things you can control and many things you can’t. You will sit next to some people who either are an energetic match for you – or not. Either way you will be sharing the experience with them. The pilot will be flying the plane and there’s not anything at all you can do about that but pray she/he is in top form! Undoubtedly there will be turbulence and you can’t do a thing about that either but distract yourself with sleep, reading, writing, chatting, or watching the movie/tv screen. Or you could worry yourself into a frenzy of panic anxiety – but that is not at all recommended.

Each person on that plane is responsible for her own experience. Bring your favorite pillow (I travel with a stuffed bear – true!true!), Rescue remedy, treats to eat, a good book to read – or whatever you need to make the trip most enjoyable for you.

Identify your needs and tend to them!

Same goes for your experience of the Ascension process. Know what you need and give that to yourself. Exhausted? Sleep more. Feeling disconnected? Take a walk outside. Stand barefoot on the earth. Overly emotional? Get the big box of tissues out and let yourself have a grand cry. Stressed out with panic and anxiety?

Ground and protect yourself.

That’s pretty much what’s going on these days – you’re on a BIG trip, the trip of a lifetime – the dimensional shift of the Ascension process. No bigger trip than this ANYWHERE ANYTIME.  You signed up for the journey so bring what you need and leave the rest behind. Leave your baggage (you can hardly take anything on board with you any more!) and your story behind as you move into new, uncharted, you-make-it-what-you-want reality.

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