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The Astrologer Daily: September 2nd, 2012

Abundance: Show me the Money

By Dee WallaceAbundance-Show-Me-the-Money

I thought I was going to be very clever and look up the non-specific meaning of abundance in the always reliable Webster’s Dictionary. I was gratified to see: an overflowing quantity or supply. Aha! I knew it. It says nothing about money, and yet that is usually the politically/spiritually correct word we use when we are really meaning the green stuff. But right below it, my eyes found this: affluence or wealth. Hmmm. Foiled again. But then, perhaps not.

I still stand firm in knowing that after thousands of private sessions, people are still afraid that they are spiritually lacking if they say these plain, simple, honest words: “I want more money.” Somehow, we feel brazen and fallen from spiritual knighthood if we say the “M” word. What is behind this hesitancy to ask for what we really want? The number one issue seems to be self-worth. Eons and lifetimes of confusing messages have teeter-tottered between “Money is the root of all evil” and “The people who HAVE money are filthy rich heathens that keep it from the rest of us.” Just look at Wall Street. I rest my case. So therein lies the dilemma: If I truly want to have money, I must be a heathen and evil. And yet, we all still want it. So why, I ask, do we not alter the beliefs that keep supporting the non-creation of what we want?

Wouldn’t it be easier to establish some beliefs that our CONSCIOUSNESS directs the vibration of money: to know that our individual integrity, choice and direction is the energy that creates money as a blessing or a curse?  But then, that raises the question of self-worth. How can we be worthy of creating what we want and directing it with a higher vibration when we are not worthy to be our own creators? The first leap is the one within. I was given free will to create me as the God of my own direction. I am worthy; actually I have a duty to CHOOSE that direction.  Let’s face it. Oprah and Bill Gates are doing great things with their money. We can too when we are worthy of having that much.

So, I am asking all spiritually-aware people to come forward in their power and yell, “Show Me the Money,” because I will use it to expand the consciousness of the world in great ways. Deliver to me, according to my own direction, the “overflowing quantity and supply of money that is affluence and wealth.”

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