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The Astrologer Daily: December 19th, 2012

A List of Herbs that Make Great Holiday Gifts

By Dr Paul Haider holiday-gifts

Perhaps you know someone that’s stressing out, has too much to do, or is running here and there and feels crunched by time, if so here are a few herbs that will help and make wonderful Holiday Gifts.

Ashwagandha Root powder is sold in capsules is very relaxing, soothing, and helps those suffering from the rigors of stress… and allows you to get the rest you need.

Kava Kava comes in capsules or pills and it will sooth away your feelings of anxiety, but allow you to be able work and focus on what you are doing at the same time. Great for stress.

Suma Root or Brazilian Ginseng which comes in capsules will boost your immune system, give you energy, and help to fight off bacterial and viral invaders thus keeping you healthy. Plus it helps balance your hormones, and studies show that it even gets rid of those dark circles under your eyes.

Panax Ginseng is great for nervousness, depression, exhaustion, and even supports your heart and lungs. Giving you a boost of energy, feeding your adrenal glands and restore them so you have the energy you need. You can buy small bottles of ginseng that make great gifts, and there are even beverages on the market you can buy in six packs that are ginseng based.

Astragalus Root is great for adrenal support, boosting your energy, and at the same time helping your lungs so you can breathe better. fights fatigue, improves immune function, lowers blood sugar, and also helps to improve liver function. Astragalus Root can be found in capsules and also in tinctures that make great gifts.

Goji Berries make a great gift… they will boost up your energy and your immune system, are full of lots of great antioxidants, and help you to stay healthy and vital. Also they seem to work well for those who want slow the aging process, there are documented cases of people in China taking goji berries and living to be very old. You buy the dried fruit, juice, or it can be taken in capsules.

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