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A Healing Path

by Maggie Chula

A-Healing-Path_OM-TimesEveryone of us has a Healing Path. The Path we are taking to help our bodies, minds and souls heal on some level. My healing path has taken me towards learning about many different diseases, viruses and vibrations of form and thought.  I have learned how to heal and cleanse my body of; twisted bones (my feet turned inward in birth), weak immune system, throat ulcers and ulcers lining my entire intestinal tract, allergies, bone death and bone density issues, and the really big one Crohn’s Disease. I have also been able to clear my mind of depression and anxiety most of the time.

Some of those were simple to work with and others took some depth of thought and understanding but it is probably just on the surface that any of them seem to heal quickly. The truth is as we grow more aware of life and the nature of being alive and in present time we are able to expand our minds to focus and clear out the debris of past thoughts and memories. My illnesses have served me to help me focus and release thoughts, memories and emotions that were clogging up my energy and holding me to the past. I am not saying I fully understand the lessons I am called upon to learn but I can say I do know they are lessons. Life appears to me as a class room for your soul’s growth and you cannot hide from your guides and higher consciousness. You just can’t. They are a part of your energy matrix and they are there to serve you and help you with your expansion as a conscious being of light and love.

As I have released the need to be understood or accepted by the people around me I have been able to really heal on the multiple levels that were needed for my body and mind to come into wellbeing. Now I am able to close my eyes, take a deep breath and be in a state of grace that takes my heart and soul into a deep sense of belonging and bliss. It is an amazing and wonderful feeling. I know why someone would choose the monastery or spiritual path for their life’s purpose. Spiritual contemplation is a balm for my mind and thoughts.

I have chosen for my life’s work to be an Energy Healing facilitator, Spiritual Counselor and Psychic. These three talents converged within me and gave me the strength and support I needed to heal my life and help me make sense of why I am here on this planet and why I was born with a deep sense of knowing about the Spiritual Realm.

As long as I can remember I have had a deep understanding of the many layers and levels of Energy within the Universe. One of these layers is the material world of Earth. Another layer is the Hallway of Records and the many tools that are located within the Akasha. Many other layers are surrounding each of us as human beings such as the human body, the emotional body, the pain body and the human spirit. Our animals are also a complex design of energy although to work with an animal you need to respect their intelligence and their innate ability to know if they want to heal or if they are ready to cross over and release this body. Human Beings have a way to go to be as naturally in tune with our intuition and as evolved in our spiritual connection as our beloved pets and animals.

So we all are here to heal on many layers of energy and many levels of time. All of this can be done and learned by working with the Akasha and the many tools within this heavenly vibration.

The Akasha is a vibration. You are a vibration. As you learn and grow your vibration changes. Sometimes you vibrate with an energy everyone can sense and feel is very loving and compassionate. Sometimes you may vibrate with an intensity that transmits to all those around you that you are angry or scared. Learning more about your own energy and vibrations will help you heal and will also have a beneficial aspect to those around you. For example if you are a care taker, a person who desires to be of service to others and help them feel better than the best thing you can do is learn how to take care of yourself and create a continual energy of love and compassion that will surround and empower you and those you interact with on a constant basis.

I encourage you to learn more about energy, healing and the Akasha. I teach a series of classes on the Akasha that are being channeled and continuously created as I move through life and decide how I want to share this knowledge. It has been my free will to work with the Akasha within the lessons of my life before I was ready to move into the theater of the world and share this with others. I have made that transition within my spiritual being and my human being is catching up quickly.

Whether you take a class or book a session from me or you go to someone else I recommend you tune in and ask your own intuition whenever you make this type of decision, is this something I could use within my life to help me? Learn to know the answer your inner guidance is sharing with you. Mine is pretty simple since they have been working with me since I was born. I have red for no and green for yes. I sense it, or feel it or see it. My higher guidance will use whatever it takes to get my awareness and focus. I will also admit I do not always follow their prompting because I wanted a different answer. In those cases I have been confronted with some very valuable life lessons that I did not need to experience but I chose to experience. Perhaps you are like me in that regard. You hear but do not agree with the promptings.

What ever you do, I sincerely hope you find some truth and understanding that helps you expand your conscious awareness to the many levels and layers of your energy being and move yourself towards a greater sense of connection to your higher guidance and attainment of health for your body, mind and spirit.

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