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2012 Leo New Moon

By Kathy Biehl

August 17, 2012
8:56 AM AM PDT/ 11:56 AM EDT / 3:56 PM GMT
25 Leo 8

The Leo New Moon invites you to bring all the recent developments back to that most important of starting places: You.

For months, we’ve been watching once-firm ground blow up around us, beneath our feet and across our inner landscapes. We’ve been exploring desires, relationship dynamics and attitudes about money and our core worth, and starting to think and talk about what it is we want now.

This week we’ve been facing down obsessions, power struggles, fears and scary, primal impulses. Healing core wounds connected to or affected by those monsters. And applying determination and resolve to relationships, agreements and all kinds of social conventions. (Hasn’t it been easy to state what you need lately? Unapologetically? Matter-of-factly?)

This process has brought the cosmic approximation of installing an entitlement gene. Many of us didn’t get one at birth, but we’ve certainly been acquiring a greater comfort with the concept lately. If you haven’t thought of your recent journey in those terms, consciously try them on and play with them. There’s no time like the present, with the Leo New Moon in the sign of the self.

This fire Moon kindles a child-like passion for simply being alive, for reveling in being here without need to justify our existence. (A book that will help you explore that concept is Birthright: What It Is And How To Get It Back, by Jane Fleming, a perceptive author who was, at least a one time, a reader of mine.) Underscoring that this is right and good is a helpful aspect to Mars and Saturn, rulers of our drive and ability to act responsibly, who are just coming off a meeting in the relationship sign of Libra. We’ve got the motivation and wherewithal for serious relationship work — bringing in reciprocity, dismantling the faltering connections, locking in the ones that work and, most of all, proceeding on a stronger, firmer, truer sense of self.

Allowing yourself to do this is not entirely comfortable. The Uranus/Pluto change edict is sending vaguely unsettling undercurrents into this New Moon that may shoot a mix of agitation and nervous excitement into your solar plexus. No wonder: Setting up relationships with yourself first is a departure from how many of us were brought up. Many of us, particularly Baby Boomers, were taught a false and disempowering humility that led to devaluing our own needs and making choices and decisions (including how we positioned or presented ourselves) based on our concept of what the other person or society expected. And how’s that been working lately? You see my point.

What works now is being fully yourself, neither holding back nor compromising on core values, and teaming with people who are doing the same. Awareness and openness are key, which mean paying attention to signals that a situation isn’t an appropriate fit and also being straightforward about what you are willing to do and what you need and expect in return.

Right now, this level of awareness and communication happens easily and brings grounding and stability, thanks to the Mars/Saturn connection. It’s also coming naturally (and impulsively) from the tight link going on between Mercury and Uranus, the mundane and higher rulers of the mind. We have to express our unique selves; in fact, that expression is going to fly out of us even if we attempt to tamp it down and behave maturely and soberly.

So: Let yourself come out to play, in all your quirky unique expressive glory. Be honest about what you want and what you’re willing to do. Ask for both. Make agreements you can keep (and then keep them). If a situation or proposed agreement requires you to give up too much, or anything important of yourself, well, maybe that’s not right for you. (I’m hearing Billy Joel as I type, “Don’t go changing….”)

And most of all: Make it fun.

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