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The Astrologer Daily: September 14th, 2012

10 Ways to Feel More Connected

By Nicole Glassmanstay-connected

You are surrounded by thousands of people each day. You are constantly connected to them through email, text, and shared personal space. You are rarely alone, and you never have a moment of silence. Yet, the people you travel with are strangers on the subway, the “chatting” consists of texts or emails. Your friends live close by but you never see them, and the television has become your dinner companion. You rely on technology by exercising to DVDs, taking classes online and having meetings via Skype.

Basically, your relationships are with electronic equipment.

In today’s society, Facebook is our connection to friends and family, a text message is easier than a phone call, and interacting with a live human has become an archaic concept.

We live in a world where loneliness is what actually connects us. Loneliness is linked to our heads and our hearts, and oftentimes it is at the root of a health issue.

Take for example, Rebecca, one of my clients whose recent health complaints had plagued her for years. She ate uncontrollably and was overweight, her menstrual cycle was missing and her stomach was often in knots. Rebecca was divorced, living in a new city and working in a job she enjoyed, but did not love. She ate dinner in front of the television and spent her weekends in solitude. She believed her loneliness was part of her destiny because most of her friends were married with children, and had lives of their own. Instead of dealing with these difficult feelings, her body manifested her suppressed emotions in the form of health issues. She kept cursing her body for not supporting her, when in truth it was talking to her, she just wasn’t listening. Once she admitted her true feelings, her body responded beautifully, and her life began to open up.

Rebecca’s story is a lesson for all of us to be more present in our bodies and in our lives. What can you do to enrich your life and connect further?

Here are 10 Ways to Feel More Connected:

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